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AA_051517_Paris-5We have just returned from a European tour of so many diverse cultures, historic landmarks, and of course: late night döner kebabs and bratwursts. American Authors opened for a pop artist named Milow (think Belgian Andy Grammer) throughout Germany, and then hit some other cool countries on a short headlining run. I managed to do laundry once (the whole tour), exercise twice (the whole tour), and enjoy local spirits three times (per meal). Often times when you’re the opening act in the States, you hit the stage at 8PM, people sort of trickle in during your first few songs, and maybe the venue is over half full when you’re finished, and then IMG_1519fills up by the time Guns N’ Roses or Milli Vanilli or whoever the headliner might be takes the stage. Not the case in Deutschland. Every show was at capacity every night right when we took the stage at 20:00 (which means 8:00PM, I figured out a couple weeks in); ergo it was a treat to play for a packed house in some cities in Germany we have never heard of, let alone played. 

DJ Dogtown Double-Dippin

DJ Dogtown Double-Dippin

After our opening run, we headlined shows in Turin, Italy, where we ate our weight in pasta; Vienna, where we ate our weight in schnitzel; Bern, Switzerland, where we ate our weight in Raclette cheese; Prague, where we ate our weight in beef goulash (and paid by Czech ;); Paris, where we ate our weight in steak frites, and finally Kolding, Denmark, where we wondered why we weren’t doing a show in Copenhagen, while eating our weight in smoked salmon (followed by late night döners because who gets filled up by salmon anyway?). For the last show in Denmark, we thought we’d do something special. Our whole crew consisted of Jesse the tour manager, JJ the stage manager, Austin the sound engineer, and Jesse the photographer, all of whom play guitar. So for our final “Best Day of My Life,” we brought everyone onstage (except Austin sadly, who was stuck at the soundboard) to play every electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, and mandolin we had in our arsenal, and it was a hoot. I might have played guitar behind my head. Denmark was clearly not ready for these shenanigans.





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