Pranking the Fray

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After two months of sleeping in a tiny bunk on a tour bus and waking up in a different city every day, it is with both remorse and relief to inform you I’m sleeping in my big boy bed again. Yes, it’s a red race car bed. Yes, I’m fine with that. In mid October, we embarked on a cross country tour opening for a band we have admired for years: The Fray. We started in Seattle, headed southbound through California, then cruised through the southwest, Texas, up to Boston, down to NYC, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, at some point made it to Minneapolis, Toronto, and ended up in Denver. The routing confused me too, but not as much as our bus driver. I could never be a bus driver. The number one reason is just that; I have to pee waaaay too often.

Our work day consisted of an occasional sound check at 5pm, performance from 8-8:45, and then exploring whatever city we found ourselves in, which usually involved cocktails and barcades. We brought an excellent photographer named Jesse Deflorio, who shoots everyone from Springsteen to Bill Nye to yours truly, to photograph and film the shows and other lifestyle footage, and is also working on a new official music video (which might be top secret so shut your mouth). I tried to follow him around and learn a thing or two about lighting, framing, aperture, and other terms I use to sound smart. 

Hometown show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta

Hometown show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta

We had some amazing adventures: Halloween in New Orleans, thanksgiving in Denver, and the Orpheum Theater in Boston near our alma mater, Berklee College of Music; but the highlight of the tour for me came on the last day for the, you guessed it: PRANK. We have heard from our friends in the band Oh Honey that The Fray are indeed a bunch of pranksters. One time they filled the Oh Honey singer’s onstage water bottle with gin before a show, and announced the guitarist’s cell phone number to a crowd of 10,000 as the “official Fray meet-and-greet sign up contact.” He got about as many texts in a short period of time, and may or may not have had to change his number. Needless to say, we knew we had to bring the fire for our final showdown with the headliners. We were not going to find ourselves, dare I say: in over our heads. 

We hatched the idea of walking onstage on the final night of tour at their hometown show in Denver during their biggest song, “How To Save a Life,” which was a giant single that famously appeared in the hit medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Zac, James, and Dave would be doctors, Matt would be the grim reaper, and I would be the helpless patient. Death would be inches away from claiming my lifeless body, but lo and behold, Dr. Barnett would resuscitate our hero moments before the reaper’s scythe claimed my soul, which happened to coincide perfectly with the final chorus (Get it?! How to save a life??).

The prank went down with flying colors, but those Fray chumps failed to retaliate! Oh well. I suppose we will accept victory this time.  

Watch the prank below!

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