Warped Tour

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We just got off of a week run of shows for Warped Tour. That’s right: your favorite vape-tastic emo/screamo rawk-fest where even water comes in a can of Monster energy! It was actually a blast. We met tons of young bands who had so much passion and ambition, and their squadrons of teenage geeks and punks and goth kids who LIVE for the Warped Tour. 

7L3A4388Living in the Brooklyn bubble, where everything is either offensively ironic or hip or simply OVER it, it was refreshing to be part of a music festival that sets up shop in a different city almost every day with 70+ bands all selling merch and bringing ever ounce of blood, sweat and tears to every set. Some of the music, let’s just say it wasn’t my cup of tea, but man could they get the crowd moving and screaming and feeling alive. 

And a fun aspect to the festival: they don’t announce the schedule of that particularly city until the morning of the show. Sure, that gets the kids in there early to spend their money on corndogs and Bob Marley flags, but also it makes the whole festival full and vibrant from start to finish, not just during the headliners. 

Here’s a video I made. Enjoy.


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